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Bookkeeping and Accounting for Small Business owners - Veterinarian


 If you're a veterinarian, chances are you have a busy, hectic schedule that leaves you with little to no time for things like accounting and tax preparation. When you’re spending long hours in the office saving lives and  keeping animals of all sizes in the best condition possible, it doesn’t leave room for much else. Rather than stressing yourself over things like payroll and ways to reduce taxes, let EP Tax Group ease your burden and handle these financial-related tasks for you.

Our five-star, top-rated California bookkeeping business specializes in providing tax and accounting services to professional veterinarians in need of our assistance. Our mission is to help clients understand the overall health of their business and how they can experience growth with minimal stress. With more than four decades of industry experience, we consistently work closely with our clients, providing them with access to the valuable information they need to understand taxes and the financial aspect of their businesses.

Get the professional financial advice and assistance needed to help your veterinarian business thrive with EP Tax Group!

Bookkeeping and Accounting

When you rely on EP Tax Group for bookkeeping and accounting services, you can expect us to do the following for you:

    • Prepare a timely, accurate Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Analysis to provide the most updated information on the financial health of your veterinary business.
    • Encourage you to leverage valuable financial documents to stay on top of finances and avoid discrepancies.
    • Provide California bookkeeping services that keep you on track, assisting with things like payroll to ensure any employees working in your office receive their correct pay on schedule.

Our accounting and bookkeeping services will help you keep your finances in order and continue running your veterinary practice as seamlessly as possible without the burden of finance-related issues.
Tax Preparation Services

Dealing with taxes as a veterinarian can quickly become complicated. In addition, you might not know which tax deductions you're eligible for, which means paying more than you need to instead of saving throughout the year. At EP Tax Group, we want to help you save on taxes and continue to conduct business as usual. Therefore, we will meet with you every quarter and, at times, even monthly to review your business finances. Once we do this, we can develop a plan that works best for you, helping you save more in the long run, to get the most out of your earnings before paying Uncle Sam!

Use EP Tax Group as the trusted and reliable California tax preparation company for your veterinary business. We will work with you to:

    • Develop a tax strategy that works to your advantage while keeping you compliant to avoid costly tax-related mistakes and penalties.
    • Complete the tax preparation process on time while completing quarterly estimated tax filings and planning in advance to save more in the long run.
    • Ensure you're paying the least amount of taxes legally possible based on various factors, including your annual earnings.

Yes, taxes can be frustrating, but our California tax preparation services eliminate that frustration for you!

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